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Zau Mai (1994 – 2001)

Entered office: unknown how he enetered office, had served as vice chairman under Brang Seng as recently as 1993 Exited office: ousted in a coup by a KIO reformist faction in February 2001, replaced with Lamung Tu Jai

Brang Seng (1975 – 1994)

Entered office: came into office after Zaw Seng’s death, unknown how he was selected for the position (other than being Zaw Seng’s brother) Exited office: died from stroke in August 1994

Zaw Seng (1961-1975)

Founder of the Kachin Independence Organization/Army Entered office: founded KIO with his brothers Zau Tu and Zau Dan Exited office: assassinated by KIA soldiers (who were led by KIA member Seng Tu) because he was seen as a corrupt leader